Friday, March 13, 2015

It's been a while

Life gets in the way ...

I've been gone for a bit. Sorry I haven't posted a ramble in almost a month. It's not that things haven't crossed my mind. Sometimes, I'm not near a keyboard to put them out. Although I work around computers all the time, it isn't something I can just bang out in the middle of the sales floor at work. I don't think my employer would appreciate me adding to the blogosphere while they're paying my salary.

Oh, there are a few things I've thought about writing. It just isn't always convenient. This month has been overly troublesome to that extent. The working world calls, and I must obey that call. What it does it place the writing world in another universe. Unfortunately for me at this time, that is nearly a parallel universe where the two shall never meet.

A week ago this Saturday, I had a day off. That could well be my only day away from work this month. Yep, you read that correctly; this month. Although this time of year is not normally an extremely busy time for me in my industry, it is often the time my company decides to do other things, like upgrade all the systems we own. Well, not upgrade actually ... replace them all. That requires a tremendous amount of work and supervision for all the other aspects of the job. Oh, and I have to replace about five employees who are leaving all about the same time.

Hopefully, I will be able to drop in on a more regular basis and post a few enlightening tidbits for your enjoyment, or just to unload some of my angst upon the world. It can be a real stress reliever.
Of course, there's still books to write ... hmmm, I've got a lot of work to do. I'll get to sleep some time around May, perhaps.