Thursday, April 9, 2015

White Staff - a fantasy novel

He reached down and stroked the soft coat of his gray friend. He knew he would never have the bond Aethan had with her but his weeks as her companion sealed a different bond between them. He was handed the reins of a chestnut mare that softly nibbled grains from a farmer’s hand.
“You will have little trouble over the flatlands to the south. There is little there to delay you. But take care as I may not have seen all that could affect your journey. The invading army may have strayed in an unsuspecting direction.” Aethan extended his staff toward Falton and moved it side to side and back again. Symbols flared along its length as a soft glow reached out enveloping his form. The layers of softness peeled away one after the other leaving his body partially transparent, a breath of wind for all to see.
           Falton slipped his boot into the stirrup lifting himself up into the saddle. He nodded to Aethan and turned his eyes toward Charise who stood beside his horse. He reached out and touched the hand she offered, though she was unable to see him directly from Aethan’s spell. She felt the wisp of his hand touch hers as he nudged his heels into the mare. He surged southwest running toward the coast of the Great Southern Waters.

A couple paragraphs from my epic fantasy novel, 'White Staff'. If you're a fantasy reader, or just a follower of this rambling blog, here is my little gift to you. Although this novel is available at many ebook sellers such as iTunes, Kobo, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, it is for a limited time, 75% off the regular price at

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I hope everyone takes advantage of this offer, and I hope you enjoy the book.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Without meaning

Yesterday was a first. A retail first for me; I had to work. My company decided last year it was time to keep up with the Joneses and opened the stores. This year, it was my turn to work the Easter holiday. It saddened me to a point. 

Holidays have become just another day. They are a work day. The only day we do not open now during the calendar year is Christmas day. I wonder how long that will last? We must open. They will be open so we can't be closed. 

From a business standpoint, I understand the thought process. They are however, overlooking one simple thing; employees don't want to be there. Hell, I didn't want to be there. But I suppose corporations are simply reacting to what the buying public wants. And what does the buying public want? They want every day to be like every other day. 

Holidays have lost the luster of family gatherings and lively fun and relaxation. People put so much effort into making the basket or wrapping the presents or cooking the meal, they can't wait till it's over with. Many men then sit and veg in front of a television or find something else to occupy their time, and the women want to run away and get out of the house. It's their escape. What do they do? They go to stores.

The holidays have collapsed in America and it saddens me. Growing up, I enjoyed nearly every holiday as the year rolled along, at last climaxing with Christmas. Unfortunately for me, few now hold any special meaning. They are nothing more than the day before and the day after. They are a work day. 

One day, when I put the world of retail behind me, never shall I venture into a store on a holiday. I would be stealing from those employees that which I have lost.