Sunday, January 20, 2019

Angel's Haven

Many years ago when I was a young lad my fellow siblings and I were nearly fanatical readers of comics. Not only comic books that esteemed North of 50 and I collect, but my brothers Anonymous and Gray Beard as well as Baby Sis read through the 'new' Doonesbury' comic strips. We had all the books and followed the strips daily when newspapers were still a big thing. 

From that, my early talents and desires led me to develop my own comic strip; Angel's Haven. I think I will post a few here over the weeks. When I developed the strip in was the 1980's so some of the material will most likely seem dated in today's world. I still think it is humerus and I look back fondly on those days. 

This is a strip of 'Angel and Elly', two of the main characters. The strip is an ensemble of characters that you will meet along the way. As with my writing, I hope you enjoy.