Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Inaugural Post

Hello, World; nice to meet you.

Original phrase, that; clever, pithy, almost as good as the Faron Young classic, "Hello Walls". Written by Willie Nelson, incidentally.

I have been given the singular honor of inaugurating Rambling50 with the initial posting, such honor bestowed upon me by my younger brother, and the founder of this blog, Robert T.

Logic would dictate that the eldest sibling should be awarded this high honor, but then logic would not (logically?) consign such a one to be the 21st century equivalent of a Luddite. It is not entirely his fault, mind you, but that is another story altogether.

Second-in-birth-order has too much on his frazzled plate to perform this function in a timely manner. He would certainly be willing to do so, but, with his schedule, the initial post would appear somewhere around the time when Halley's Comet next swings by this part of the cosmos. And that is far too long to wait.

So, the inaugural post then devolves to me, third out of our mutual birth canal, a few years ahead of my now-50-year-old younger brother. He could have chosen the youngest, the only girl, but she lives out in The Land of Fruits and Nuts, and is so busy driving hither and yon to satisfy all the athletic/creative interests and endeavors of her four lovely children that her minivan refuses to be turned off, having addicted itself to SoCal freeways. Besides, she is not (quite) 50 yet, so the first post on Rambling50 must not be conferred upon a 49-er, if you will. Also, it would be rather inappropriate that the ramblings of a 50 year old man be started by a woman.

My dilemma, of course, is: what to say here. How memorable will I be able to make this so that you repeatedly and enthusiastically return for more Rambling50 observations, mostly from HeWhoIsNow50, and occasionally from moi.

If this was a book, I would have to check Webster's for the difference between an Introduction, a Forward, a Preface and other literary phenomena, to decide which this should be. As this is a blogspot, I will merely term it The Inaugural Post.

I began this effort knowing neither (I prefer the alternate pronunciation "NY-ther") what I wanted to say nor how I wanted to say it. I seem to have hit upon a lighthearted approach, one which suits my more-often-than-not mood; for, as our cousins across the pond are wont to say, to our often undiscerning ears, and in a stereotypically broad London accent, "You're having a lahhrff!", which is what you should do when confronted with life's little absurdities, be the humor (humour to the Brits) dark or light, depending.

If you cannot see the humor in much of life, you are not enjoying your stay upon this mortal coil before you slip the surly bonds of earth.

I will tell you that Robert T and I are quite alike in our WorldView, though it differs greatly and remarkably from that of Numbers 1 and 2; we've never really determined the WorldView of baby sister, as it likely has suffered greatly from 25 or so years of exposure to life in the Golden State. But, we love her anyway. Quirks and all.

As this work is entitled Rambling50, I appear to be rambling on quite nicely, but I will now defer to Robert T for his initial post, and thank you all for stopping by.

Best of luck with this, Robert T, from your least-elder brother, who signs himself

North of 50

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