Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Are Fam-Uh-Lee!

Yeaterday, Robert T and His Beloved held a 150th birthday party for Baby Sis, Robert T's Beloved, and a certain unnamed female friend of many of us, each of whom have or will turn 50 this year. It was a very nice time together.

It was made special by the appearance, long-planned, of Baby Sis and her family, all the way from The Land of Fruits and Nuts. Baby Sis, her husband Mr. Krinkles, and their children Miracle Baby, BigFoot, MegaByte, and Princess Drama Queen all spent 4+ days with us, the first time we had all been together in many a year. Also in attendance was The Stache and his son, Beloved Father's Initials, and Brother 5. Alas, Graybeard was unable to attend because his wife was ailing. A late appearance by The Queen of NPR (Sainted Mother's side of the family) added a little spice to the night.

Robert T's Beloved's side of the family was in good attendance, as well as numerous family friends from both sides, including Iguana Mom, The Bug Doctor, and their children Gator Bait and Drum King, who are family-just-not-blood-related (as far as we know, anyway!).

Earlier in the week Wonderful Daughter and her family spent a goodly amount of time with the out-of-towners, and Handsome Son made his appearance by long-distance telephony.

A lot of good times were had by all, and stories were re-told as we caught up with old friends and family.

All in all, a most excellent way to spend "quality time" together.


  1. Why am I spelled MagaByte??

  2. Because I did not have my glasses on at the time.

  3. MagaByte: Ask Uncle North of 50 to use the edit feature.

  4. Hey - you forgot the visitors from Amish COuntry!! We had a wonderful time.

  5. You certainly nailed Princess Drama Queen! We hae been working on the less whining and more speaking, as well as less crying. It's getting better, but slowly. Thank goodness they were on their best behavior most of the time!