Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Property Line

My next door neighbor, I'll call him Cleveland as that is from whence he hails, has decided to erect a fence around his yard. The old expression is a good fence makes good neighbors. I don't know that I completely agree with the logic, but...

Certain fences have specific uses. If you have a swimming pool you must have it protected by a fence, and a specific type at that. If you live in a sub-division you have to get approval to put one up. I doubt that Cleveland will go that route. He is a singular minded fellow with a disdain for seeking approvals. Other fences are useful as they keep some things in, such as animals on a farm. You can't have packs or herds of goats, pigs and cows running wild across rural America.

Other fences keep things out. Some keep out thieves while keeping your property inside and protected. It doesn't keep things dry, however. Many older urban areas have fences both front and back. Some poorer areas do as well, and in much of the video seen on 'Cops'. When you think of those, it doesn't keep the bad guys out but it does make for some interesting chase scenes.

Fences run the gamut of style and design from tall and extravagant to short and wiry. It seems no matter what type one decides on there will be the never-ending maintenance and upkeep. It has to be washed, stained, painted and repaired.

I wish Cleveland well with his upcoming venture, one which I likely will get sucked into helping with. He is a good neighbor who doesn't need a fence to be one.

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