Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A long way to say "No!"

Today was a make-up session for those of us at work who managed to duck, er, miss the mandatory annual ethics training class.

Those of us who missed out on the original presentation got to watch a video of the presentation given a few weeks ago.


The presenter knows her stuff, and did a good job with it, but, having heard the same (basic) pitch for a number of years now, it does get dreadfully boring.

I have long believed there is a simple answer to ethics questions, and the 75-minute presentation could be much more narrowed and focused, and dispensed with quickly.

Presenter: "The answer is, 'No'!"
Questioner: "How about..."
Presenter: "No!"
Questioner: "What about..."
Presenter: "No!"
Questioner: "What if..."
Presenter: "No! Got it? Good! See you next year."

Or, as suggested to me today by a co-worker,:
Presenter: "Is that your signature from last year?"
Worker: "Yes."
Presenter: "Good. Sign here, date it, same ethics rules apply; see you next year."

We were fortunate that in the large room in which the video was shown, there was ample space for us to not have to sit too close together, especially after they turned off the lights. Which gave one co-worker the excuse to play with her cell phone; texting, I presume. Probably not very ethical on her part.

I would have complained if I had not had one earplug in listening to my ipod.

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  1. Every year I have to take an online Mandated Reporter and Safe Environment training. Both are lame and haven't changed in several years. You can take them almost without looking and reading the material becasue most of it is common sense. However, I still get to do it, and I also get to require my coaches to do it. Meets the need, if not quite the intent of the requirement. Bad boy for having your earplug in - one person has his kids do it for him.