Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A writing preview

For those who follow this blog or are recent readers thereof, I would like to give you a writing sample of the novel 'White Staff'. If you wish, when you go to http://www.amazon.com/White-Staff-ebook/dp/B0064TU67S you are able to preview the novel, always a good way to see if it is something you would be interested in.

I hope you enjoy. (Besides, my family isn't buying enough to make me wealthy).

The Sovereign pushed himself back into the throne. The decision was before him; it was his and his alone and he fully understood the loyalty of his subjects. He had led them to safety centuries ago into a world of darkness and rock. It was perhaps the only thing that saved his people from being absorbed into the darkness of their enemies and total annihilation. But at what cost?

Halwinill pushed himself off the seat, stood and motioned to an attendant on his right, a signal that swiftly brought his servant forward. He carried a small box encrusted in jewels, their fire dimmed in the torchlight. Halwinill made a small gesture and the lid slowly opened by itself. Reaching in and pulling forth a nearly transparent object, Halwinill turned and faced those gathered stretching his arms out fully.

“Let those who darken the Fairy beware the power of the Light of Surolon.” With those words the sovereign of the Fairy placed the object on his head. The cavern instantly exploded in a dazzling brilliance as the foundations of the mountains shook and rock began to tear itself away from the walls. Eston grabbed for Hafram trying to steady himself as a fissure opened between his feet. The Fairy people erupted in a tumultuous roar.

“Hafram what is happening?” Eston shouted stepping to the side, sure in his mind the rent would swallow him up. A smile as wide as the Nordst River broke across Hafram’s face.

“Halwinill has announced his intentions and the king shall go forth and do battle. The life-force of the Fairy is powerful and the Colonel shall surely feel his presence.”

“We shall go forward and reclaim that which has been taken from us.” Halwinill stretched his arms out over his subjects as the crown of the Fairy lords radiated throughout the cavern. “The Council shall be formed and the plans laid.” Halwinill looked into the crowd and spoke to Hafram. “SaHaframanallara, you shall lay the groundwork before us. The world above is still known to you. What you say shall be considered with the fullest weight. The Council shall meet before the sun sets and the Fairy shall return to the world above.”

* * *

Dreash was pacing his campsite. He knew what had happened and was at least for now, powerless to do anything about it. The Dark Mystics had been surprised beneath the mountains and forced back. What power could Hafram have possibly brought forth to turn them away? Their powers were formidable. Not truly alive they could not be killed and he was sure Hafram did not have what he needed to vanquish them. Not yet, not without his staff.

A sudden cold gripped him and the shiver brought him to his knees. There was another presence in his thoughts, filling the space in his mind as he had never experienced before. It was powerful; an enemy, and a sense of dread filled him. His mind raced to determine what assailed him. The light about him attacked his eyes and assaulted his senses. He began to shake as tremors filled every limb. His mind exploded with a single thought: Halwinill!

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  1. Your novel sounds intriguing. Can't wait till I get a chance to read it.

    It was very nice of you to mention me. Thank you so much.