Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another step toward over the hill

As we journey down the road on our blue marble, there are plateaus we all step upon. We grow a little older and a little more frail with each change in elevation. Years ago, (I think I have mentioned this before) I told my son that under no circumstances is he ever allowed to let me wear 'velcro shoes' or those big plastic 'blot out all light of the universe' sunglasses you always see the old folks wearing as they drive down the highway. That in itself is a scary thought.

Unfortunately, I have succumbed to a different aspect of 'old age wear', the dreaded eyeglass strap. Yep, I'm sportin' one of those.I like to think of it as a stylish accessory but even I must begin to admit it borders on uncool. I am vigorously working to convince myself that adventuresome and stylish rouges are seen sporting this accessory as they wander the markets of Algiers and Marrakesh. I don't think Indiana Jones wore this particular piece but it sure would have added to his mystique and been the piece de resistance of his ensemble.

Alas, for me it is just a nod to knowing that I can't see worth a damn any longer. I struggle with the glasses thing as they are an encumbrance, an annoyance to my work habits. They slide and slip and fall off at work yet to go into a restaurant and order off a menu without them would be an adventure of monumental proportions. "Oh, I thought I ordered the shrimp. What's this?"


1 comment:

  1. The eyes are the first things to go.

    Then the back, followed by a hip, a knee, and everything internal.

    Yer just gettin' started, Kid.