Sunday, November 25, 2012

Within us all

There is a passion that pulses deep within the bosom of your soul. It dwells within the very nature of your being. It is guttural, primal. It is unforgiving, unadulterated emotion, conflicting, yet pure in its very essence. Its nature is a life-long heritage that drives your passion. It can not be seen but it can be felt. It drives one on in the heat of conflict, one man against one man. One strives to move forward step by step, striving to gain ground within the turbulence of the whirlwind of mashing bodies.

The past is the past but that past yields to the present. It has an abiding pull as we look forward to the future. Memories linger of past success and we revel in joyous victory as the chime rings across the field of honor, yet we sulk in solitude and look inward as we regret the failures that cling to our hearts and imbue our spirits with abject remorse.

Yet with each new season the revelry renews the passions that live within our souls and holds firm the fire that dwells deep within; stokes the embers and fuels the emotion that burns in the belly of the beast within us all and ignites the pulsating rhythms of a single chorus bent on one determined cause......

                                                   ......'cause Michigan still sucks......
                                                                 GO BUCKS!

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