Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was going to ramble about something today; had a thought in mind I was developing for a few days. Then what happens...grrrrr

There is a new trend in shopping centers, one that really annoys me. It started a few years ago with the handicapped ramps being installed around not only my neighborhood, but the city. And it has spread. It's another attempt by others to solve a problem that really, doesn't exist, at least in my mind. It's one more thing to spend money on because of stupid people.

It seems now, at the end of nearly every sidewalk coming out of a grocery store, is the set of dimpled panels embedded into the concrete. Now, I believe originally, these were to give traction on the sloped ramps. If that were the case, why the hell are they putting them on completely flat and level stretches of concrete? One set coming from the store into a parking lot, is simply there to vibrate your cart full of groceries and aggravate the hell out of me. You have to slow down to a crawl to get over it.

Another aggravating newcomer to my world is flashing speed limit signs on local exit ramps. For fifty years, the circular exit ramps around our fair town have had nothing but the yellow sign with the curved black arrow. Not a problem. However, within the last five or so years, drivers who are too stupid to know how to operate a vehicle, be it a semi or a car, have caused us to spend tax money to put up flashing lights that weren't needed for five decades.

I suppose the dimpled ramps are to slow us down so we don't get hit by cars as we go into the parking lot. Sigh...just one more way to stop the cull of the stupid. Natural selection folks, natural selection.


  1. Silly boy! Those spots are so that when your kid is in the cart and you run over then spots while the kid yells, "aaaaaah", it sounds really cool. Challenge - take Cage and try this with him! Can't tell you how many times we purposely went the length of the spots so the kids could do this.

  2. I was going to disagree, until I remembered the guy the other day who decided I was going too slow. He pulled around me, jammed on his brakes, then sped around THE GUY IN FRONT OF ME! OY!
    Or the guy who passed 4 people on the berm to get on 33 from Hamilton this AM!