Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Missing manners

I accidentally gave My Beloved an incorrect phone number the other day. I don't know my son's home phone number by heart as I usually talk to him on his cell. I looked the home number up and was off by a digit. We dialed and the voice heard on the answering machine sounded like his girlfriend. The message was fairly rude (I think they were trying to be funny). We didn't like it and I was going to have a conversation with them about it.

A few minutes later we received a call from a woman asking who we were and why was our number on their caller ID? Still thinking we had dialed the correct number we explained we weren't sure but we did not call that number. After a rude hang-up we sluffed it off. About ten minutes later we received a second call, this time from a male voice asking who we were and why we called his phone number. He had a deep voice and was rude to My Beloved.

Often in the daily happenings of life there are simple mistakes that happen. Everyone makes them at some time. You acknowledge them for what they are and move on. They are the type that hurts no one. Why is it then the social misfits always think such things are a slight to them, they don't get no respect, are rude and crude to nearly everyone around them?

If you are insulted by a wrong number you have greater challenges in life. If you think you have to be a 'hard-ass' to get respect you never will. Respect is not about being tough and trying to intimidate others in every aspect of your life. Respect is earned through hard work, helping others and carrying yourself with manners and dignity.

You, mister call-back I get no respect be angry at the world are just an ignorant tool who will still be angrily calling back wrong numbers when you are seventy. If you don't want a wrong number on your caller ID, get rid of your phone...meathead!

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