Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Norther of 50

On this most momentous day, August 26, in the year of Our Lord 2009, North of 50 takes another step up the mountain and becomes norther of 50. I would guess his AARP card is beginning wear a bit thin. I shall here offer to laminate it that he could shove it in that wallet of his that is the size of a steamer trunk and shoved into his left hip pocket. I suppose that is why he has a conservative leaning as he actually physically leans to the right every time he sits down.

My Bro an I ben tight all these years!

Happy Birthday to my senior blogger.


  1. You're on that downhill slide! Happy birthday to Norther of 50 than me!

  2. Your time is a-comin' Baby Sis!

    I have not, nor will I ever, enroll in anything to do with AARP.

    Wonderful Wife treated me to a fine dinner at Kingy's tonight, following our workout regimen. I think I canceled out the calories with my exhausting regimen. At least I hope so.

    My thanks for all the heartfelt birthday wishes!

  3. Baby Sis is still south of 50 at least for a couple more months. If she is a good girl I will allow her a guest blog after her momentous day. Start thinking now, dear sister. It better be good!

  4. What??? Hunh??? Who me? I'll never be old because my baby sister will never reach 50 - ask Greybeard! It's his comment!