Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's just too cute!

Many years ago the cartoonist Charles Schultz ran a particular Peanuts strip about the birth of Rerun, Lucy and Linus' baby brother. Lucy shows a picture to all the other girls and their reaction is the same. "Cute" they all say. "Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute." Linus then turns to Snoopy and says something to the effect, "If they banned the word cute we'd all die."

Over the past few weeks I have inundated by the word cute. It has been used to describe everything from my nieces new twin baby boys to automobiles. My Beloved and I routinely watch remodeling shows and the like on HG TV and the various other channels. Several shows follow couples (or singles) looking to buy their first home or upgrade their current digs to another. They wander from home to home, room to room with women uttering the same word continually; cute!

Now, I am fortunate in my life to be around many intelligent women. They cover a wide range of ages and most have a fashionable sense of style. Yet, for some reason they are unable to get by this one word. Not everything can be cute. I would understand if it is a particular person that has fallen into this trap as we all have crutches in our vocabulary. But for nearly all women to have the same crutch is mystifying.

In my most humble way I beg of you all to find another way of describing everything from soup to nuts with the same word. Unless of course you are talking about me. (blush)


  1. Dude, when they start saying you're cute at your age, you're out of the running! Or else you're holding a tiny baby, as in: look at grandpa holding his grandson, isn't that cute!
    Don't know if you were cute as a child - I'm younger, and you all were just annoying!