Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out of touch...out of mind?

This one will be short and sweet. I am not one to just openly criticise another person for their views but this one I can't allow to pass easily. President Carter's recent statement calling Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst racist is totally unfounded. Although President Carter has achieved much in his lifetime, I believe he is out of touch with this country. He did not know what was 'going on' when he was president and he doesn't know what's 'going on' now.

Just go help someone build a house, Mr. President.


  1. Jimma Cahta should stick to building houses. He was pathetic as a president. Regretably, I voted for him against Gerald Ford.

    Even President Obama is saying criticisms of his policies are not racially motivated.

    Carter is an anti-Semite. I guess that's better than being a racist.

  2. I think it's great to have a President who can say that a black man acted like a jackass! Even if it was supposed to be off the record and we still heard about it. If a white man had said the same thing, all the do-gooder blacks would be all over him like a rash on a baby's po-po. It's refreshing to have "beer summits" and the word "jackass" going on at the White House. There's hope for our country yet.