Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give me more, bless you

Another article in the paper today explains that a local 'evangelist' needs to raise money by Dec 31st or aspects of their church will be in trouble. This ministry is well known and has grown substantially over the years to now include schools of various levels and a church that is more of a stadium than a house of worship.

Through the years there have been many evangelists come and go. I would gladly see most of them go. They are charlatans and snake-oil salesmen. They preach to those who are grasping hold of anything they can to make sense in their lives. Although not all are poor, many are. They have little and are continually asked to give, give, give. I take offense at the notion that EVERY 'sermon' must contain a give me money clause. It must be in 'sermon 101' of evangelical school.

All these men (mostly) seem to have several things in common. Most are middle aged white males with slicked back hair, several facelifts, a booming voice and the ability to make a sales pitch. They simply crank up the volume and shout 'GOOUUDD' as loud as they can and the disenfranchised come arunnin'.

I would hope that more would be able to see through these preachers as nothing more than used car salesmen who want someone else's money to support their lifestyles. Often what money they do say goes to charities is likely far off in another land where there is no accountability of the dollars. Why can't they use the money locally? What, no poor people around the corner?

They make me feel like I need to take a shower.

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