Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just lie, it's easier

Not much irritates me more than commercials or ads, especially political that tell half truths and leave out all evidence of logical thinking. I recently heard a political ad on the radio attacking a local congressman. That in itself is not unusual however the blatant innuendo passed off as truth nearly caused me to wreck my car.

The ad which (I believe) was run by an opposing PAC stated this particular congressman was against US soldiers. How can that be you ask, a US congressman? Here's the logic they used.
Congressman was for a bill that would help the oil companies. Congressman therefore supports 'big oil'. Congressman therefore must want the US to keep importing all our oil from overseas. Big oil must have their profits protected which means having to send US troops into these areas where they get killed. Therefore this congressman is against US soldiers. (Sorry, I don't recall who the congressman was, however it doesn't matter).

I could use the same cluttered reasoning to promote the US using a nuclear device on the city of London, England. Here it goes.
I don't like the Beatles. Therefore, I must not like the British people. Therefore we should have a war with them which will ultimately escalate into dropping or launching a nuclear device on London.

The saddest part of this is there are many people out in the world who would listen to this thirty second commercial and use it for the basis of judgment against this congressman. Many would actually believe such a statement without hesitation, particularly if your party was the one backing the ad.

Apparently any political organization can put anything on the airwaves it wants without it being truthful to any degree. I thought the FCC had rules against this. Likely there are but the complaint would be that they are just not enforceable. If that's the case why bother checking any facts at all? Let's go back to the days of cigarettes are healthy, all processed foods are 'good for you', President Kennedy was a 'stand-up moral guy' and yes, President Obama was not born in the United States.

Just let anyone lie over the airwaves, it's easier to get the stupid people riled up that way.

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  1. The FEC might have a say, but in this case it is more likely the Ohio Elections Commission has jurisdiction if a complaint is filed, but in nearly every case I have read about the decision for or against a complaint happens long after the election is over, and "punishment" is usua;;y limited to "you shouldn't a-otta done that", and that's all folks from the Elections Commission until the next election.