Sunday, May 23, 2010

My first crush

My formative years happened to be in the sixties and seventies. My parents were not very old; actually about the age I am now. Television and Hollywood at least seemed different from what it is now. Perhaps it wasn't but to a young boy it seemed more glamorous and from a different age. That being said, I have never been one to follow careers of stars. I had some favorites as a lad often due to what my father watched on television.

However, one was my own. One was my first and lasting crush, really the first time a little boy ever fell in love. Many of today's stars are still glamorous and beautiful but there is one that will stand forever above all others still to this day for me. She recently appeared in a Foster Grant commercial and I was surprised as I hadn't heard anything about her for several years.

One million years BC or now; Raquel Welch is still my first crush and no starlet to this day can hold a candle to her.

Perhaps N of 50 could use THAT man gene.


  1. I certainly can appreciate the lady. Maybe that will help me start to regain my man gene.

  2. She's now wearing a different type of Foster Grants - watching the commercial, Ken said she must have won the genetic lottery. Then, of course, we looked up her age! Your crush is 70 and still looks dynamic!