Sunday, May 16, 2010


...did Sainted Mother throw out my collection of baseball and football cards when I went off to college?

...are the "important" or "classic" works of literature that we are forced to read in school so stultifying?

...are there so many Hollywood sequels?

...are they so bad?

...are there so many frozen dinners made with mushrooms (scuzzies!) or broccoli?

...did Sainted Mother serve us liver?

...or sauerkraut?

...did Beloved Father say spaghetti was not a Sunday meal? only songs you do not like stick in your head in an endless loop?

...can I not remember what it was I went in the next room to do (or get?) I have more interest in reading about science than I ever did when I was getting graded on it?

...does anyone ever use Twitter?

...does it have such a stupid name?...did Facebook replace MySpace as "the place to be"?

...are they called "reality" shows?

...are local political commercials even worse than regular local commercials?

...can't the weather prognosticators get the forecast correct a week ahead of time?

...can these same people tell us, with absolute certainty, that global warming is threatening the planet, and will cause terrible things to happen to us, based upon the same forecast models that cannot get the weather correct seven days ahead of time?

...was it that 30 years ago these same people were warning of a New Ice Age?

...are states and cities passing new laws to outlaw texting while driving instead of enforcing the laws already on the books about distracted driving and reckless operation?


  1. because because because because becaaaaaaauuuuuse!

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  3. ...are shoelaces always two feet longer than they need to be? They weren't in the olden days.

    ...don't men complain about having to 'put the seat up?'