Sunday, December 12, 2010


There is a picture in our bedroom. It shows Dearest Kelley at age 2 or 3, at Christmastime (her favorite) in a blue dress with a white collar, head up, eyes shining, a bright and eager look on her face, all full of wonderment at what the world has to offer, all of the potential she has to offer almost jumping right out of the picture.

It is my favorite picture of her.

My eyes mist up every time I study that picture as I think about her determination, her "look out world, here I come!" outlook that was so tragically snuffed out ten years ago today.

We love you, Baby, and miss you more each day.


  1. We miss her! It hurts my heart to think of it too much - she had such a big, loving heart, and cared so much. Plus, she always wore a swimsuit in summer, because you never knew when you might have the chance to go swimming and should be ready. Gotta love her!

  2. That was exactly what she thought!

    And "Look Homeward Angel" is part of what is inscribed on her headstone.

  3. Can't see a can of peas near Christmas time without thinking of her.

  4. Her favorite, and she often received a can of peas as a Christmas gift, which she thoroughly enjoyed.