Thursday, March 17, 2011

A delicate procedure

I have always liked the feel of a good book. It just sinks into your hands. You can feel the worn leather of a proper book, a musty scent as it sits on the shelf. Books are timeless, yet often they wear out. Some can be repaired at a great deal of expense.

Today, I watched a gentleman copy pages out of an old book. At first I couldn't read the title but you could tell the volume was old. It was large and properly bound; the cover tattered leather. The spine seemed like it was just barely holding on. It was a large book taking up the full glass of a commercial copy machine. I watched him put it in and take it out several times. He was extremely careful as it looked as though it could disintegrate at any time.

I finally asked how old it was. He replied he wasn't sure as it belonged to someone else. He was gingerly copying page after page. I was then able to get a look at the title as he pulled it out again. 'Holy Bible'.

Now, people do some strange things. I'm sure there may have been a perfectly good reason for copying pages from this book. It is after all the most read book in the history of mankind. I guess, that's really my point. This book should be preserved if possible just for the type of book it was. It nearly seemed ancient. But to copy pages from it's delicate skin? I don't understand.

I know it's Lent and all, but what, couldn't find another Bible? I'll give you a hint; I don't think the story changes.

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