Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Times change

The recent commotion in the great state of Wisconsin hits home to many in the midwest and across the US of A. Let's face it, the economy is still lagging and many are continuing to struggle. My Beloved and I have faced it to some extent. We watch every penny we spend, don't eat out without a coupon, apply every benefit we can get our hands on to purchase gasoline. It's what people with reasonable intelligence do. We watch what we spend.

Even states are forced to balance their budgets against payments they will receive from the taxpayers. Too bad the federal government isn't forced to do the same. This nation can no longer afford to give give give to anyone wanting. I have no issue with those in short term need. It's the long term need issues that have to be addressed. Unfortunately, those who have been in a union and been able to negotiate favorable contracts for their lives often have a leg up on the rest of us. Here again, I don't have issue with unions being able to negotiate. But, times change.

In the here and now, those who live on taxpayer dollars need to be able to absorb the budget cuts coming just like the rest of us. I applaud what teachers and public servants do, but when you pay only one percent of your health care and the rest of us pay nearly fifty percent, you're not living in the real world. Some claim that will amount to an eight to twelve percent pay cut. I understand, too bad. When was the last time a public union actually had a rollback of any of their benefits, including pay? I willing to bet it has virtually never happened in the history of state governments. Sure, there have been pay freezes, but not rollbacks.

As for the governing representatives that have fled the state to avoid voting on these bills, at least they should be censured, at most should face recall. You were elected to do the job. If the job is too hard; quit. If you were on the losing end of the election, that's what your constituents voted. Deal with it and show up, cast your dissenting vote. If you lose, you lose. Work hard and win the election the next time.


  1. The fleeing legislators certainly should be recalled, but that is unlikely to happen en masse.

    As a loyal public sector union member I must slightly disagree with Little Brother. Those of us in Ohio have had our pay scaled back the past two years in the form of Cost Savings Days. The State has deducted the equivalent of 80 hours of pay from our paychecks, spread over the year, as a way to reduce costs. We do get to take the CSD or Furlough Days off, but missing out on the extra pay took a bit of getting used to.

    As I said, it is a slight disagreement.

    We do pay larger than 1% toward our health care costs; I believe it is either 15 or 20%. I do not know who has the 1%, but it would be great!

    As a loyal etc etc etc, I should have been among the rabble demonstrating and remonstrating outside the statehouse today, but I actually chose to go to work. I could certainly hear the blaring of loudspeakers and music today.

    Perhaps my view is tempered because I could choose to retire at any time, but I am philosophically in agreement with the need to reduce costs in state government, although many seem to equate reducing employees pay with solving the multi-billion dollar budget hole we face.

    If your math is that bad, you need to go back to school.

  2. I am not in favor of wholesale layoffs nor deep pay cuts. I have seen reports of one percent etc. Government still needs to function, it just has got to start functioning at an acceptible level with real-world benefits to it's employees.