Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A political scrum

Listening to the debate on the debt ceiling is a fascinating exercise. It has become a game of political chicken. Who will blink first? Republicans don't want to raise taxes and some have called for a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. Democrats want to raise taxes. Heck, Democrats always want to raise taxes. I can't think of a time in my adult life when that statement wasn't true. And where has it gotten us?

One lawmaker on the news yesterday (Democrat) said a constitutional amendment would be dead on arrival. He stated it was about leadership and the will to govern. Well, congress has failed in both of these. They failed five trillion dollars ago to show they had the moxy to do what is needed. Congress can neither lead nor get out of its own spending habits. The debt ceiling is a glass ceiling that can be shattered at any time and for any reason. It's time to paint the ceiling white so no one can see what is on the other side.

The financial house of cards we have built is no longer stable. There is no more money and true reform will not take place until congress realizes what they have been spending all these years is for a wish list and not a reality list. I can't afford to go to dinner and charge it every night hoping the bill gets lost in the mail and the government can't do it any longer either.

It's time for some real kahunas boys (and girls); lets get it done.


  1. Well said! It's back to the old: I have met the enemy and he is us! I'm for changing laws to make the congresspeople have the same benefits as us regular guys, as well as limiting the pension benefits for those who "retire" after a term or two with more money than those of us footing the bills for them!

  2. One term and out for them all; make them part-timers as well; cut staff and bennies; make them abide by every law they pass, no exceptions!

    Barry is trashing tax loopholes (as if it would fix everything overnight); who does he think wrote all those tax loopholes? His buddies (on both sides!) They did not just magically appear one day and no one knew from whence they sprang.