Thursday, August 11, 2011

Captain Bob the Sequel

Captain Bob did us all a great favor today as he successfully managed to avoid wiping out two branches of the Family Tree.

The good Captain took a flying lesson this morning, and I went along as an unpaid observer, thanks to his Beloved being mortally opposed to augering into the ground with him; either that, or she claimed she had to go to work.

We had a very nice instructor, who has been teaching flying for about 10 years. The plane we went up in was formerly known as Yellow Thunder, the traffic plane for Channel 4/Sunny 95 a few years back. Captain Bob did a smooth takeoff from Bolton Field, and over the next hour, as we traversed the designated flying area for the flight school, we passed over Lilychapel, West Jefferson, near London, and back around toward Bolton. Captain Bob did a variety of maneuvers including turns, the disorientation drill (but no barrel rolls), and additional climbs and descents. He handled everything smoothly, including the landing.

Actually, the landing was done by the instructor, but Captain Bob deftly handed off the controls to our instructor for that maneuver.

Captain Bob now has his own Flight Log that shows he did indeed pilot an aircraft.

It was quite interesting as we slipped the surly bonds of earth and took off into the wild blue yonder.

Thanks for the flight, Captain Bob.


  1. Bucket list? Joyce is going to teach me to ride a horse - mine is a bit more mundane than yours!

  2. Good luck with that, BabySis.... ;)

  3. No, not a bucket list. I don't have one of those. It was a present from My Beloved last Christmas.

  4. I don't have a formal bucket list, but as things crop up I can say that they are on it!