Friday, August 19, 2011

The road to fuddy-duddyism

I have discovered that as I pass through this age of fifty-three and it's shadow is cast behind me, I am beginning to become a cauldron of contrasts. I wonder, am I moving toward the world of fuddy-duddyism or am I passing through the temporary world of 'man-o-pause'?

I am finding that I often still have the exuberance of a ten-year-old (especially when my grandson is about), yet more frequently than in the past take a stroll into the land of crotchetydom. For proof, see comment on North of 50's latest post concerning the state of education. "By golly it was better in the old days". Yep, back then we walked up hill both ways.

I marvel at the way things can be done with new technology yet lament that the average person can't figure out the simplest things that are required in everyday life. Reference the line in the movie 'Forest Gump', "stupid is as stupid does". Perhaps it is because I have always been a hands-on kind of guy and I learn best by doing. I take things apart and put them back together and hope I have no extra pieces at the end. With that goes the primal man order #16, (almost) never read directions. Thinking it through is a brain exercise, one that it often seems I rarely get to see in others.

I am also finding I am routinely comparing everything I experience to a time or situation in the past. How is my job performed against the standards I was trained on all those years ago. My profession is one of continual change. Retail has evolved and is virtually unrecognizable from thirty years ago. Nothing against change but I sometimes hearken back to the simpler times; again another fuddyism.

Why is it we always think things from the past are better? Is television better? How does that old black and white stack up against a sixty inch LCD HD? (Actually, I don't have one of those, I'm too cheap to pay for HD channels). I suppose as long as I embrace change and try to see the positive side of it all it can be a defense against fuddy-duddyism.

So as long as I look forward with hope and a smile, I can look back on the memories and keep them close. It's a brave new world we experience every day, but sometimes it's fun to be crotchety.


  1. As your older brother and mentor, I can attest to the virtues of a 60-inch LCD HD tv. Well, actually a 65-inch LCD HD tv, which is on temporary loan from Handsome Son. I saw the HD in action at his former apartment, but I do not get the HD package either, nor does my converter box have that capability. Oh, my converter box is SO 2001!

    If you do not want to be known as crotchety, try eccentric instead.

    One of these days I will tell someone I am a retired eccentric and see what their reaction is.

  2. Guys! Where do you LIVE! HD is free off the air.. they reinvented this thing called an 'Antenna'
    And if you have Cable, They carry HD for local channels, split cable and run one leg direct into the TV {I assume you can find the connection} Then scan tv for channel setup.
    All the local channels are available in HD.. plus you get.
    In other news.. finally figured out why I couldnt comment on your blog. For some reason FF needs 'allow third party cookies' enabled.
    NOT a good idea but I turned it on just for you guys and will turn it off again when I leave.

    And Robert T.. thanks for all the fish.