Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Age is just a number...

Recently, Wonderful Daughter told me of some questions her son had asked of her, regarding her age. WGGS#1 is almost 5, and his questions were as follows:

"How old are you, Mommy? Are you 50?"
She told him she was younger than that; she is 30.

A few days later he again asked her her age. "How old are you, a hundred?"
Fortunately, she is not.

A few days after that, he politely asked her if she saw Jesus nailed to the cross!
She told me she needs a serious dose of wrinkle cream if that is the case.

Her slightly older cousin, however, apparently looks considerably older than my daughter, at least according to her own children, as one of them asked, "Did you ride dinosaurs to school when you were little?"

Ah, the mind of a child!


  1. I didn't ride dinosaurs, however I'm fairly sure North and his predecessors Graybeard and The Mustache did.

  2. Nu-uh! I think all of you did! But not me.

  3. Dinosaurs were extinct after the Oakwood Era.