Thursday, October 6, 2011

Popcorn anyone?

We all make choices in life that help to place us where we are as we either grow older or learn how life works. Us from the slightly older crowd hopefully have learned the lessons of life and make better choices as we age because we should better be able to foresee the consequences. Sometimes, the younger generation does not fully come to terms with consequences as they make life decisions.

In Ohio there is a lawsuit filed by a death row inmate that has altered how the prisoners are fed. Due to the lawsuit, pork has been completely eliminated from the menu. The lead plaintiff says this product does not conform to his religious beliefs. There are other inmates that have as well joined the suit. The problem I find is this; if you are on death row, likely you have not followed the tenets of your religion or you wouldn't be in the position you are. That being said, eating a pork sammich at this point in your life isn't likely to affect the outcome of your final place in the after-world, whatever that happens to be depending on your particular religion.

The second problem I have with this is that once convicted and sentenced to incarceration, I believe you essentially have no or should have almost no rights to say what happens to you. Should you be physically punished (by that I mean beaten or tortured) at any time? No, this is America and that doesn't happen, at least by the state. What happens between inmates is another matter. As for the judicial system that keeps these lawsuits alive, that is another ramble all together.

Inmates aren't going to starve in American prisons. You decided to make a choice in your life and that choice caused serious harm to another or others. You must live with the consequences. If you don't like what you are served at meal time, don't eat. That's another choice you have. Make it a good one.

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