Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Till we vote again

Election day has at last, and thankfully, come and gone. Much of the time there are important issues to vote on, and sometimes not. I get up as much as any average citizen on many of the important issues and major races but sometimes, I just can't work up much interest for the smaller ones.

This November there was a pleasant mix of both with only one or two issues competing for the voting hearts of the public. Sadly, much of what we are subjected to are near lies and half-truths from all sides. I researched several claims related to Issue 2 in Ohio, the repeal of SB5. (For those outside of the land of Buckeye, Issue 2 was to repeal Senate Bill 5 passed earlier in the year that restricted some collective bargaining rights for public employees). Both sides are guilty of 'over-reaching' on the truth. SB5 would not have limited the amount of bullet-proof vests police officers could wear as it was claimed any more than it would have automatically raise taxes to cover expenses. Likely, if you lived in this state you had an opinion. Apparently telling the truth to the voters doesn't matter as long as you win.

I saw a yard sign for a local school board race that stated the candidates name and beneath read, "for families and teachers". Really? Wow, I'll bet that slogan helped you. What did your opponents say, I hate children, puppies and police? I hope you bring more to the table than that as an elected official, assuming of course you won.

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