Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Proud validation

I am a parent. That is one of the things I am and that will never change. Within that title and job description comes all the headache and pride one can imagine. No matter the age of your child, be they a teen to an adult you carry their lives on your shoulders and in your heart. Then at one time or another, you realize you did a good job of getting them ready for life and the choices they make.

Yesterday, my daughter lived up to the values My Beloved and I have tried to instill in her. She is/was a general manager for a small hotel chain. She worked for a private ownership group with a "national sign" hanging on the door.  She was asked to terminate the employment of staff members who the owners decided "did not look good enough or were pretty enough". (Since I wasn't in the room, that is obviously not a direct quote). She was also instructed to hire new staff that more looked the part the owners wanted. Rather than do this as she felt this was an unethical practice, she quit her job.

My daughter has worked hard to become the person she is in life and be able to execute a position in a difficult industry. She doesn't make a lot of money. She could have easily done what the owners wanted and she would still be employed today. To her credit and in a difficult jobs market, she did the right thing. She stood up for her values in a difficult ethical situation. Hire the person who can do the job no matter their physical appearance.

I am a parent that is truly beaming with a father's pride. My daughter is the person today I always knew she would become and she proved that to the world in a challenge to her values and I called her today to tell her that.

I couldn't be prouder of her life.

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  1. We echo your sentiments about Product of MT + RT. You can be justly proud of her.