Sunday, June 17, 2012

Servin' it up

I read recently a review by a restaurant evaluation company (posted online) concerning some of the worst restaurants to work for. They listed all types and styles of eating holes from McDonalds to some of the higher-end eateries like Ruth's Chris. They seemed to not like much about the industry.

Now, I have never worked in the food service industry but I have been in the retail service industry for many years. Their claim of conditions include low pay and few benefits. Okay, I understand that. My complaint with them is those are the same complaints brought up by virtually every other group that works in what is essentially a "starter" job. Retail could also be called a starter job. What is that? It's the first or second job you get directly out of school or when you are in school. It's not supposed to be the job you rely on to put a roof over your head and retire on.

Too many forget that these jobs are supposed to be stepping stones to learn how to work, interact with the public and business associates. Too many who enter these jobs think they are now guaranteed full wages and benefits and then complain when they don't get them. They are also the ones who at 32 years old haven't figured out how to move out of the "entry level" positions. Entry level is just that. Unless you are a constant complainer and social misfit, these are jobs and positions you are supposed to grow and learn your way out of to move up to higher paying positions with real-life benefits.

There are always places to move up within most companies. Unfortunately there are also in every company those who think they should be granted higher pay and benefits just because they show up to work. The world doesn't work that way. If one doesn't want to be stuck in a low-paying job, learn and apply yourself. Being a buss-boy wasn't meant to be a full time job any more than is being a cashier for Walmart; and it never was.

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