Monday, September 3, 2012

My first trilogy

Years ago when I started down the writing pathway, I bought a small computer from Radio Shack and had-at-it. The memory of that little unit wouldn't hold a single chapter at the time. I had to save everything on 3.5 inch floppies. At long last, this first work will see the light of day.

Originally titled "The Crystal Point", it has now been adapted to a trilogy. "The Dream Valley" is the first book in the series titled 'The Crystal Point Legacy". As I have grown as a writer I have gone back over this work several times to polish it and give the reader the experience I had hoped I could when I first sat down to the keyboard.

I hope all who decide to read this enjoy the story and appreciate the effort involved. It is available as an ebook through and Smashwords. The other two books in the series will appear in a few months as covers are developed and final edits are made.

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  1. Wow! Who'd a thunk it! Great job, fluke!
    How much has it changed since I read it?