Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanks for nothing

We're alive? Did we make it?

Apparently the world hasn't ended as was predicted.  Perhaps we can now put this crap behind us. It would also be a very good idea if we could just ignore the next ten crackpot, doomsday scenarios that come down the pipe.

If an asteroid has dead-aim, I'll listen, other than that... I guess that means I'll have to pay that credit card bill after all.


  1. Get your 2013 Mayan End-of-the-World calendars now while they last!

  2. Three high school kids were expelled for threatening to bring guns to school and shoot kids during the end of term assembly. Their reason? The world is going to end so let's go out in a blze of glory. What a bunch of idiots! There was a tremendous police presence on campus that day, including a patrol car driving down and thru the corridors of the school. Kids shouldn't have to even think about facing that type of thing - it should always be a safe place. Parents - what are we teaching our children at home? Yes, home - the school should not be and is not the primary influence on your children. Where are the grown-ups and why are they not doing their own job at home, where learning begins? sorry = the whole idea of society being responsible for those you brought into the world is a wonderful idea, but you really need to own the responsibility, not fob it off on everyone else and then wonder why things "happen".