Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas gone so soon

Being a totally manly man who wears real jeans (by that I mean original Levis, etc), boots (sometimes), and flannel on occasion, winter would seem to be the season that brings out my manly tendencies. I have to shovel the snow, tote the wood to burn (in my gas fireplace since I don't have a real one anymore) and do the masterful work of decorating the outdoors for Christmas. Yep, that's totally a man's job. I own tools too. Lots and lots of tools.

But the Christmas season also brings out some unmanly traits. It has the propensity to turn me into a blubbering fool when it comes to the sentimental moods of the season. I love to sit around our huge Christmas tree with My Beloved as we watch all the campy, funny and all-but-predictable holiday movies on all the women's channels. You know, Lifetime, Hallmark and the Family channel to name a few. The usual plots are the poor unfortunate woman who is lonely, or the handsome fella who is just as lonely and bitter at the holidays. They then find the spirit of Christmas and fall in love...yea! If it wasn't for the Christmas season I would totally ignore each and every one of these films at any other time of the year and ridicule anyone who watches them.

Unfortunately, I also like to listen to the three radio stations that play non-stop Christmas music from before Thanksgiving until December 26th. Then, they just shut down and go back to the other stuff. Since you only get to listen to those songs for less than two months each year, I miss them when they go away. It's so abrupt. I actually listen to more music this time of year that any other time.

Unfortunately, the Christmas season ends quickly and is replaced by the holiday season as we slide into the new year. I'll miss Christmas, until next year. (I also like to say yule. I'll miss that too).

Hope everyone's Christmas was a good one.

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