Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Nation

We are very likely a people such as the world has never seen. We are the mutts, the leftovers from nearly every country on the globe. That is how we started out. Then, at some point in our history, this diverse group became a single people.

Although we look nothing alike, we are black, white, red and all the colors a person's skin can be, and we hail from extremely diverse regions from mountains to desert plains to sun-swept coastal beaches, there is one thing we all are; we are Americans. We are a family with all the warts and bumps that comes with every family. What outsiders simply have failed to understand is this: when you do harm to one of us, you do harm to all of us.

Yet again, the tragedy in Boston has done one thing; it has solidified us as a people who stand up for each other in the face of adversity; in the face of unimaginable tragedy. We have fought back from 9/11; the catastrophic events of Katrina and other disasters and so much more. But, that is what sets us apart from every nation the world has ever known. The rest of the globe can take an us versus them approach, but the difference is, we can stand up for ourselves while we shelter and protect those who can not care for themselves. Outsiders, yes, and even insiders may not agree with our politics; we fight among ourselves and bicker about nearly everything. But when push comes to shove, when you shove one, you shove 300 million strong.

The bombings in Boston will again simply tell the world we will not cower in the shadows from those who prowl the night. We shall rise up and protect what is ours; now and forever.

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