Monday, April 15, 2013

Tie my shoes?

I am by accident, someone who rarely does something so stupid as to virtually incapacitate himself. Not that I'm a great athlete or anything, but I know my limits, and, generally within those limits I'm a solid little fireplug.

Then, every once-in-a-while, my age feels like it catches up to me. I'm closing in on the Nixon speed limit in the next few months, but most of the time I still feel like I'm thirty-two. Albeit, a very old thirty-two. Spring has begun to show itself and that means work outside. Work outside involves tools. I love tools. Tools make the man for me, not clothes, although My Beloved has made me a better dresser over the years. But, I digress.

The first day in the yard, under a bright sun and fair winds, I picked up the thatching rake and had at it. Unfortunately for me, three hours later and I could barely stand up. For the rest of the day I was bent over like an eighty year old man who had cramps! It didn't stop there. For the next five days, my back screamed and yelled at me in everything I did. I couldn't get into my car without lifting my leg with my hands. One morning, I literally rolled out of bed letting my knees hit the floor so I could stand up. Two days later, I had to have My Beloved put my socks on because I couldn't bend over far enough.

Several years ago, I told my son he wasn't allowed to ever let me wear velcro shoes. I figured if I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes, game over. Hmmm, perhaps I might need to revisit those words.

It's a humbling experience for someone who has never had health issues to discover he can't tie his own shoes. That hasn't happened since kindergarten. I'm thinking a nice pair of loafers are looking mighty fine right now.


  1. Berkenstocks - they are lots comfier than loafers! If you do get loafers, get the tassled ones, and tell everyone you've taken up golf. Course, then you have to talk to golf nuts, but hey, you've got an excuse for the loafers!
    I had an attack of gout Thursday/Friday and had to revert to either Berks or slip on shoes because I couldn't really tie the sneakers. Doing better now, and you shall do better also! Love!

  2. Ever think about a chiropractor? Or maybe a good heating pad? My doc has me on an ibuprofen regimen for arthritis, and I know onceI get back to work I'll need it! Leave it to the California Kid to push Berkenstocks! Usn's here in Real Amurica prefer shoes! Or at least waht socks with our sandals! I know this comes up "Anonymous", but low/no tech Big Bro still can't figure this stuff out.