Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A letter to my daughter

We all suffer at some point from the 'slings and arrows' of everyday life. We view ourselves as the center of everything, which is okay, because to ourselves, we are the center. We have no other point of reference with which to look at the world. We can't look at ourselves from someone else's eyes.

It takes a unique perspective to see ourselves, our loved ones and everything else we do from a different plane. To most, that plane is simply unavailable. In recent years, we have the ability to see ourselves with photographs, and to some extent, how others may see us from social media sites such as Facebook  and others. That however is largely framed by how we present ourselves to others who may then use our own words and likenesses. Some may be flattering while others, not so much.

Life in real terms is about perspective. I view the world one way and you another, yet, we both take up space in the same physical plane. The distances we may have are measured in feet and sometimes miles. I live over here and see things one way. You may live over there and see things another way. To that point, our lives may themselves seem like they are miles apart. But in reality, we share the same life, the same troubles, the same foibles, the same successes. My neighbor is your neighbor, good or bad.

What we make of our lives with this perspective is a matter of what we choose. We all live on the same dot, suspended in a sunbeam is a miniscule corner of a place no single mind has the ability to fathom. Life can be hard, life can be difficult. Life shouldn't always be a mirror. I wish a mirror would show what can be, not a reflection of what we think we see. If change is what you desire, stop looking to the past; turn around, and look to the future.

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