Saturday, August 10, 2013

For heavens sake

What would you look like in heaven?

I had that thought earlier today for some strange reason. Let's say for instance I died and the first person I met up there was my dad. What would he look like? Would he look like I remember him in the last few years of his life? Would he look like my dad when I was twenty? He lived for seventy-five years. That is a long time.

How would other people see him? Would someone he knew in the army see him as he was known then? I thought it was an interesting question. How would anyone look to someone else in heaven? If dad had a best friend he only knew as a kid, why wouldn't that friend see him as a child from their days of youthful glory?

After some time of contemplation, I think I came across a scenario that I hope would be true. It's very simple really. I would hope that whomever I see in heaven, God rest my soul, I would see that person at the happiest time we shared in our life together. After-all, why wouldn't you want to see someone any other way?

I only hope God sees it that way.

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