Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chinese Checkers

This is how you play Chinese Checkers:

Lay out the board, everyone taking their own color of marbles to move across the board. Then the play begins...

Jump, jump, jump.

"You can't do that."
"You jumped the red thumbtack."
"I thought that was mine."
"No, you have the yellow 'Jujubee'."
"Well, who has the paperclip?"
"The paperclip belongs to black marbles."

Jump, jump.

"Can't do that either?"
"Who's that belong too?"
"The 'Mike and Ike? That's green."
"Well, why didn't you use a green one then?"
"That's all I had."
"You've got 'Hot Tamalees' you could have used."
"I ate those already."
"Who does the 'Pez' belong too?"
"I don't remember; blue, I think."

Well, at least that's how you play Chinese Checkers at my house after a four-year-old gets hold of the marbles.

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