Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Zero is nothing gained

Zero tolerance. It seems to be the new mantra of just about every organization out there; schools, companies, national organizations and just about everything else. It has been in the national news several times over the past few years, but what does it mean? What is zero tolerance?

From what I can tell, it simply means no one is smart enough to use their God-given brains. We hear it all the time. A kid comes into a school and has a gun; he's suspended. Another kid comes into school with a picture of a gun; guess what, he's suspended too. I ask you, where is the logic in that? How is it that zero tolerance has become zero brain usage by those in charge?

Managers, supervisors, principals and the like now seem to see zero tolerance as an out so they don't have to make the tough choices. Aren't they supposed to be the real leaders? Isn't that why they have risen to positions of power and influence? Zero tolerance has become nothing more than using a policy to show toughness in a situation where true leadership should surface. Being PC is just the easy way out and a way to stay the 'popular kid' as it were.

Perhaps its about time we go back to brain power and ask our leaders to exit, the 'zero zone'.

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