Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Resolute: res-o-lute: Latin - resolutus
1: marked by firm determination : resolved < a resolute character >
2. bold, steady : < a resolute gaze >
synonym: faithful

This is what resolutions are made of. But how many do we really keep? With the best of intentions, we fail miserably; as did I on mine, last year. In this blog, I proclaimed, to wit, my faithfulness to the coming year of 2013. The previous year was monumentally lackluster and disappointing, however, 2013 turned out as bad a year as I can remember for several reasons, fraught with trials and tribulations.

Let's see how I did on last year's bold statements to be resolute. (ah, hem...clears throat)
I proclaimed on a personal note, to take My Beloved to a movie once every six or eight weeks.
Resolutus failurus: Uhm, I think we saw one movie last year...but hey, it was a really good one. Well, maybe two but one included taking Ragin' Cage. I don't know that a four-year-old tagging along really counts.

I proclaimed to give My Beloved flowers every month.
Resolutus successus: Yea! I really did this. She received flowers from me every month. Okay, truth be told, one bundle was from my dear departed brother's funeral. But they were given with tremendous love and therefore can be counted, as she loved him very much.

I proclaimed to re-grout the kitchen floor.
Resolutus kinda-sortofus: I found a wonderful cleaner to actually clean the grout and it looked wonderful. No need to re-grout. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have the time to seal it. Needs to be done again.

I proclaimed to do the small projects around the house.
Resolutus failurus: Yeah, whatever. I've got stuff to do....I work a lot, ya know?

On a professional note:
I proclaimed to not spend so much time above my schedule at work. Render unto Caesar what is Caesars, I said.
Resolutus epicus failurus: I spent more time at work than I had the previous year and gave up more than a week and a half of vacation time because I just couldn't go.

I proclaimed to finish two novels, the first book a fantasy and the second, a sci-fi work.
Resolutus kinda-sortofus: The fantasy book was finished and published under the title 'Sands of Nevertime'. It is the first in a series titled, 'The Last Elf Prophecy'. The sci-fi, 'Star Eagle Six', saw little work after the month of April. I did however write a short for an anthology titled 'End of the Road' and was published. (It's free on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes...I'm just sayin'). I have also penned another short for a second anthology due out in January of this coming year titled 'The Kiss'. Look for it. It is a compilation of twenty-some authors, each presenting their prowess as writers. (Yes, we are very good and you should go out and get one. It'll be free, ya cheapskates).

I proclaimed to add 'booksfromhale.com to my favorites list.
Resolutus failurus: While this simply did not happen, I see his writings so often that I simply don't need to add it to the favorites tab. He's still a funny guy and a terrific writer.

I proclaimed to sell more books.
Resolutus successus: I did indeed sell more books, just not that many. I did give away a few hundred as The Dream Valley, the first book in The Crystal Point Legacy trilogy is permanently free. Hey success has its price. You must crawl before you can walk.

Coming soon: this year's resolutus failurus topics, I mean, my new year's resolutions for 2014.

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