Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ties that bind

Many of us have preferences that come about, likely because of what we do, or, more specifically, what we do for a living. I for one, almost never wear ties. I simply have no reason to. My work clothes consist of khakis and a polo with my company logo. It's not that I don't feel 'special' when I don a stylish strip of cloth the covers up the buttons on my dress shirt.

Oh, I wear them when I am forced; weddings, funerals, but little else. And for that reason, I own, or did own, about four ties. That's all a guy really needs, isn't it? My ties are suited to the dress clothes I wear. I own one suit, a gray double-breasted job that I've had for eighteen years. I suppose the good thing about that is I can still fit in a suit that is older than a high school student.

But, there's the rub as I have recently been given some of the neckties that my dear brother, North once owned. Now, North was an office person as his job was housed in one of the great towers of mankind. Although he was never outlandish in dress, he had a slight flair for color as evidenced in his ties. My personal ties are gray/black and red. Yep, that's it. His, well, that's another story. I am now the proud owner of purple ties with strips and others that I couldn't tell you what the patterns are. They are, however dignified as was my brother. There are one or two that are a tad wide. Perhaps they'll come back in style.

I am excited about a couple others he most assuredly cherished. As he was certainly proud of his Irish roots, yep, you guessed it, I have some leprechaun or clover green ties that have their own brogue accent. As well, being that North has a full collection of nearly every Santa ever created, I am the proud owner of cheery Christmas ties. I'm not sure where I will wear them, but I'm working on it. One mustn't  let the Christmas season go uncelebrated.

Perhaps I'll get to go to an ugly Christmas tie party. It'll be fun. At least I won't be sweating beneath an ugly Christmas sweater. North had too much class for that, thankfully.


  1. And yet you are quite handsome in said suit and tie!

  2. I saw a blanket made out of ties, as a way to remember someone. It would get you out of wearing them....