Monday, January 27, 2014

Cause I'm still a kid

I had one of my associates at work the other day ask me why I write fantasy. It was a good question. Most there know of my 'outside activities', and are often suffering for it as I regale them with plots and the occasional, 'hey, I just wrote another book', sort of thing. I had to think about it for a second, but not long.

My reading has generally always involved some sort of fantasy. Peter and the Rocket Ship is the first book I read as a child. I followed that with other books in the series, though I don't remember the names. One was likely Peter and the Balloon, about riding in a hot air balloon. I also had a series of books on the space program, mostly about the Gemini rockets.

After college, because I didn't read much of anything other than what was required in those years, I turned back into the realms of fantasy with Lord of the Rings. Those books were followed by the then, up and comer, okay, this'll date me a bit, Tom Clancy. His books involved action and war, Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising. It was the 'Cold War' back then and the nightly news often involved US vs USSR stories. As the USSR fell, the next works were good, but didn't hold my interests like the first ones. That's when I started looking for something else.

That something else led me back to the worlds of fantasy fiction by such authors as Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind and David Eddings. Those were the works that brought be back into the worlds of fantasy and magic, dragons and wizards. They are the authors that convinced me to pick up a pen, okay, a computer, and begin this writing journey.

And yes, it is a journey. Although I've not sold a tremendous amount of books, I know what I do every day is an investment of time in what will come. Fantasy is a spark, a spark in the imagination of the reader. And I write fantasy, because, even at '55' (for a few more months), I'm still a little boy at heart, following an adventure.

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