Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bat-sh.... blind.

Many years ago as a young man, when I was twenty-one to be exact, I got my first pair of glasses. I didn't wear them much. Until I was in my upper thirties, I only wore them about ten percent of the time. Glasses have always been a hassle for me. I'm active, and I can't tell you how many times I've picked them up off the floor, out of the yard, or out of someplace disgusting. Grrrr....

Then, as I hit about forty-three, the big change happened. My up-close vision deteriorated quickly. I could still read, but I'd have to squint to do so for nearly everything. I could go into a restaurant without a problem, but things were beginning to get worse and worse. I still resisted. It was a matter of pride. (Not vanity really, I don't worry too much about that). I can still remember my father who wore glasses all the time except when he slept. I remember the 'pad' impressions upon his nose whenever he took them off.

Now, in my mid-fifties, even the restaurant thing is not a workable option. I have glasses stashed all over the place. I have reading glasses on my workbench, beside the bed and at my desk at work. I have my regular glasses in my car, though I absolutely hate, hate, hate to drive with them. Fear not, I'm not required too, by law anyway. I also have them next to my computer at home. That way I have a pair for around the house.

I used to just leave them sit until I needed them, then I'd go get them. That, unfortunately, doesn't work any more. Now, my glasses hang on the collar of whatever shirt I happen to be wearing. And, that's usually why they end up on the floor, or someplace disgusting. The other night, My Beloved and I met with friends at a restaurant. The first words usually out of my mouth are, what's our coupon for? She said they have this special. I said okay, simply so I wouldn't have to squint to read the menu. Yep, forgot 'em.

Oh well, at least the food was good.

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