Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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Back in May, I posted a ramble about a new anthology due to be release. It is titled, 'The Bitten'. The book is an anthology, a collection of short stories from twenty-eight authors of the Raptor Retreat Press. All these works revolve around vampires and werewolves. Why? Because one of our members, Brandon Hale writes in that genre. He is a phenomenal writer. His primary series is titled, 'Day Soldiers', and it is fantastic.

If you saw the previous post, you know why I and others are pushing for you to buy this book. Brandon was recently diagnosed with cancer, and we are working to help him cover his expenses. Being an author is a truly dedicated calling, but it does have its drawbacks. There is no guarantee of income. Writing is a business. It requires tremendous amounts of time and effort to both write, edit and market your work. This ain't easy folks. To that end, we have all donated our time and energy to write, edit, and promote this book for him with all proceeds going to help him cover his expenses.

Without further adeau ... The Bitten is now live at Amazon.com

If you're interested in seeing the story I contributed, check out 'Old World Vintage'. 

There is some tremendous writing in this book I an urge anyone who loves stories about horror with all kinds of flavor to pick up a copy. You'll get a great book, and help someone who needs a hand.

Thank you.

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