Saturday, December 10, 2016

Godspeed John Glenn

For any who follow the headlines, we all know that 2016 has been a rough year. The number of notables and celebrities who have passed away seems staggering when compared to previous years. Likely it's not, however what could be is the number of mega-stars who have passed away.

Most who have gone on are famous in their industry. A great many are entertainers, movie stars and musicians have spoken their final lines and sung their last verse. Now, I am not one who follows many in the entertainment world. I know the names but I don't really know them. It's just not my circle. It is not my calling.

I am more saddened by the passing of one who I would consider a true American hero. The others are notable in their own right, however none possess the capacities of a man who served the public, fought for our rights and wowed the American people with a trip around the earth.

John Glenn served as a United States Marine, a fighter pilot in the Korean War, and in his later years served as a Senator in the US Congress. What launched him into the public spotlight was his flight aboard the Friendship 7 as the first American to orbit the earth as the United States became embroiled in the space race. He stood above so many with his compassion and passion for serving this country. So many who are in the public spotlight at some point fall victim to scandal or corruption. Life can be a messy business. John Glenn fell to neither of these. He was a man of integrity and honor and whether you agreed with his politics or not, he was a man of conviction and humility.

He is my definition of a true hero. That word is loosely tossed around and attributed to many just because they are famous or notable. Heroes are truly few and far between in this world and John Glen wears that moniker with distinction.

Thank you, and godspeed John Glenn.


  1. Two things: John Glenn wasnt 'my party', but I always for him. The why for that should speak for itself; hint.. has to do with how I {and many others} non-voted to remove Mike Dewine from the senate.
    - My favorite Glenn moment was when he publicly humiliated the execrable Howard Metzenbaum over 'Glenn's never had a real job in his life"
    Robert: I've had a long hiatus from blogger and missed the passing of your brother. Belated condolences. He was a great guy and fun to kibitz.
    I'm back on blogger. The opportunities to 'rant with purpose' are just too rich to pass up. If Hillary had been elected, I wouldn't bother.

    1. My brother followed your posts religiously. I was more than happy to see your comment on this blog. It was like seeing an old friend. Merry Christmas Pettyfog.