Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And the Galactically Stupid shall lead us

There are times in life where one is generally 'floored' by the decisions made by others, specifically those in places of power and prestige. No, this isn't a commentary on politics. I am referring to the incredibly stupid decision of Florida International University on hiring Isiah Thomas as their men's basketball coach.

For those of you who do not follow basketball closely, Mr. Thomas is the person who nearly ran the once proud NY Knickerbockers into oblivion. His record both on the court (as coach and general manager) and off was so pathetic as to cause the president of the Knicks to relegate him to a position within the organization that 'had no title and no one would report to him'.

Although I am one for giving second chances, this is not the focal point of this ramble. Rather, who at a college university would think it is a great idea to hire someone as their head basketball coach who can neither coach nor make quality personnel decisions. He put in place one of the most dysfunctional teams in NBA history. Mr. Thomas' personal life has as well been in question. He was the focal point of a sexual harassment lawsuit with the Knicks and has been reported having overdosed on sleeping pills.

Whether this hiring was the choice of Modesto A. Maidique, university president or Pete Garcia, athletic director or a board or panel, I can not fathom why anyone would think this is a good decision on any level. To bring a person with questionable ethics and background into a university setting is unconscionable. You are guiding young men in a vulnerable time in their lives. They believe they are men but many lack the life experience to make correct choices. They need guidance. What FIU has chosen to do is to put their athletic program in the news no matter the cost, obviously favoring the notion even bad publicity is good publicity. I believe the leaders of FIU have done a tremendous disservice to their university and should be called to task for it.

The Regents of FIU had better get ready. I for one believe they will have much more bad publicity in the near future due to this galactically stupid hire.

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  1. I was listening to FoxSportsRadio this morning, and they played a clip from the press conference, in which the spokesman for the FIU prexy was pleased to introduce their new coach, "Isiah Thompson".

    They wondered if the university knew exactly who they were getting, and went off on a riff about that.

    And Isiah (teh actual spelling) also was responsible for almost killing the CBA (Continental Basketball Assn), the step below the NBA, all by himself.

    Great hire.