Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

Lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.



How would you like to own a special DVD of the hottest concert ticket of the year? From the introduction to the final bow, you just can't get enough of them!

(Stage announcer)

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Live in concert, tonight from Washington DC, it's that madcap band of merry politicians that you just can't get enough of, The Smartest Bunch of People Who Ever Walked the Earth, those zany and loony politicos and policy wonks known and beloved throughout the Western World, let's give it up for President Teleprompter and the Tax Cheats! Featuring our hero Barry (The Great Pretender) Obama on lead vocals, and singing all their greatest hits, all from the past two months!

Tonight you will hear them sing:

I'm Sorry
Oops! I did it Again!
It's the Same Old Song
Don't Bring Me Down
Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Catch Us if You Can
Lyin' Eyes
I Fought the Law
Ain't That a Shame
Your Cheatin' Heart
Pocket Full of Gold

And many more!"

(Commercial continues:)

If you act now, you can get the DVD of this concert, along with, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!*, the great Barry Obama tribute album from The Mainstream Media, "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands", featuring:

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
I Honestly Love You
Baby, I'm-a Want You
Soul and Inspiration
I Can't Help Falling in Love With You
You Are My Sunshine
The Wonder of You
Only the Strong Survive
I Love You More and More Every Day
I Only Have Eyes for You
Amazing Grace
I Love You Because
The Wind Beneath My Wings

PLUS! You get Barry's bonus track thank you to The Mainstream Media, "I Love How You Love Me"!

All this for only $99.99! Hurry! Act now!

*plus federal shipping and handling tax of just $99.99


  1. You forgot the car songs: Little Deuce Coupe and Dead Man's Curve.

  2. Amelia says "Only the Good Die Young"