Friday, April 17, 2009

Things you should know along the way

In the eighties, 1982 I believe, a book was published titled 'Real Men Don't Eat Quiche.' It was a reaction to the times when men were asked to turn to their feminine side. It didn't take long for a host of other articles to follow. Comedians then joined in the fray and a new era was born. It lasted about as long as 'you know you're a redneck'. It was fun then, thankfully it was over.

Women never had an opportunity to joyfully bask in their failings. They were never asked to change to something they weren't. The women's movement was not about change as much as it was about growth and opportunity. At least that's a man's view of it. However, things you should know along the way is gender neutral, mostly. They are nuggets hopefully most will come to understand as they make their way through life. Perhaps this will give you a leg up as you travel 'along the way'.

Don't live by the verse on a Beatles poster. Life is more involved than that.

Real men actually want a woman with brains.

If you are more concerned with style than substance you have the depth of a photograph.

It's OK to ask a question.

Remember the past and cherish those memories, but live in the present.

Manners are timeless, not a weakness.

It's OK to hold hands in public. (With your wife)

Live beyond the refrain of a song. It only repeats and you will be forever in one place.

If you do drugs you will eventually cycle down to the bottom of the well.

Problems are actually opportunities.

A parents primary job is to protect their child. The second is to know when to let them go.

If you don't work for it you probably won't get it.

If you don't set a goal you don't have direction.

It's not about the math. It's about learning to think.

Every 'opportunity' in life is a word problem. (See previous item.)

Life is littered with 'stop' signs. There are no 'go' signs. Don't wait, just go.

I'm sure I'll think of some more 'along the way.'

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  1. Cherish the moments you spend with family and friends; you never know how long they will be with you.