Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life at 100 mph

Life is fast and seems to go faster the older you get. Did you ever get that feeling? As my years advance it seems the calendar just slips by and before you know it, it starts all over again.

My line of work doesn't help much in this matter. As we finish up the back to school season I will be jumping directly into the holiday session. But RT, it's only September. I understand, but I will receive a merchandise planner showing me where to put all the holiday stuff coming down the pipeline. That generally keeps me three months ahead of most people on the calendar. Gosh, how long did it take to pay off last Christmas? It's here again, at least for me.

It is unfortunate that we as adults don't get to spend too much time in the moment. Last year was a dull summer, not very hot and it seemed very rainy. I likely wasn't in the pool a dozen times. There were always other things to do, chores, family, work and all the rest. The summer was a summer that almost didn't exist.

Remember the days when we were kids? I have several children bounding around from our wonderful neighbors. It is fun to see life through their eyes. The boys, Menace and Mayhem are always on the move, always discovering, always taking things apart their mothers wished they wouldn't. They run around in shorts with no shirts or shoes playing pirate and other such games. Then they yell at me wanting to go swimming, not a care in the world. A little older, Princess has discovered the world of sports and in a short time has become an accomplished soft-baller at ten years old. She looks forward to practice and time pitching with the inimitable Mr. Doogles. We'll see how she does as the summer ends and other interests fill her days.

I remember those days somewhat where the days didn't rush by, playing baseball and football in the nearby fields, riding bikes all over the neighborhood. Sainted Mother would call us back to the house and dinner by walking into the backyard and ringing a cow bell. It's amazing how far that sound would travel. Every kid we played with knew the meaning of that bell; time to come home. The only days that flew by were the last few before school started again, like greased lightning in a bottle.

The only fear I have going forward is Menace and Mayhem will be instructing my grandson Ragin' Cage in their arts in the coming years. Time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst.


  1. I am trying to figure out how I got to be North of 50 so fast!

    I still think of myself as a 25-year old, but, since all three of my offspring are 25 or over, I may have to adjust that number upward, slightly.

    Ahh...those carefree Calvin-and-Hobbes-style days of our wayward youth!

  2. I have the same thing with my kids - how can they be that old when I am only 23 or 24 myself? EEK!
    I think you fight back against Menace and Mayhem by becoming a Coach for them when they are old enough to play baseball! Hey if Sainted Mother can coach a City Championship, you should be able to also! You've at least played baseball!

  3. Sainted Mother coached a team to the City Championship GAME, but came up short on the scoreboard, unfortunately.

    Pretty good effort for a rookie coach, though.

  4. What is this blasphemy? I always thought they won the game? That's the problem with being the youngest - I don't really remember it, but do remember all the baseball eqpt. when we moved.