Wednesday, August 4, 2010

P-90-X yourself

This past week seemed very long at work. With a manager out I logged one-hundred hours in nine days. That's not typical but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Several years ago I would have been exhausted. This week, not so much. And there's only one thing to which I would attribute that. Let's get physical!

I have maintained a relative healthy life-style and 'worked out' on a semi-regular basis for much of my life, at least staying active. Over the last couple of years some of that activity has lessened, some due to nagging joints or just overall fatigue from the daily grind.

A few months ago I was feeling rather sluggish and decided it was time to get back to it. I picked up my workout regimen but this time decided there would be virtually no day that some type of exercise was not performed. I have two lifting workouts and two cardio workouts. I detest running so the cardio work is either swimming or a running-in-place/boxing routine I do in the basement. All are usually less than thirty minutes in length. My Beloved and I own a pool,(no we're not rich, it costs the same as a decent automobile and can be paid off in the same amount of time). It is long enough to swim laps. In the past if I was feeling too tired I would skip the workout. I promised myself I would not do that. My eating habits haven't changed that much but I do try to watch what I eat a little more carefully, which means I order and eat a medium pizza instead of a large.

In the past two months I have lost eight pounds and have stuck to my new routine. I have a new energy I haven't felt in years. No matter how tired I feel I get the exercise in. I don't like morning workouts so I workout in the evening or at night depending on my work schedule, right before I go to bed. Five per week is the minimum. Sometimes you have to let the body rest.

Yesterday was the end of the line and today I have a day off. Even though tired I got my lifting workout in and decided to cool off in the pool before bed. The waters were placid with the light shimmering a soft blue below the surface. I waded gently in and watched the subtle waves made by my presence undulating across the surface. As waves do they bounced off the far end of the pool and returned between the crests of the waves going forward. That simple wave repeating itself over and over again made the water's surface milky from the reflected light. Waves are a form of energy transferred to the water. Then I let myself slide beneath the water to cool my salt-encrusted head.

I guess I was more tired than I thought.

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